Welcome Week Starts atAstrakhan State University

Welcome Week Starts atAstrakhan State University

The first event, which has opened aseries ofmeetings with the administration, deans and professors ofASU, has been held online. University staff members provided the prospective students with information onthe admission requirements in2021 and answered their questions onconcern during alive broadcast.

Vice Rector for Academic Activities Aleksandr Treshchev told the audience about the main campuses of Astrakhan State University, located across the whole region. He also suggested that the applicants paid attention not only to the names of the faculties but also to the offered programmes, since they describe the field of the study courses in a more specific way.

Executive Secretary of the ASU Admissions Office Lyudmila Tovarnichenko spoke about the deadline of document submission, the number of state-funded places, admission exams and individual achievements, credited by ASU. She said that the admission rules had changed a lot in comparison with the last year. Lyudmila Tovarnichenko reminded that all relevant information is published on the ASU website, page “2021 Admission Campaign” in section “For prospective Students”.

Chief of the Directorate of Finances & Accountancy Galina Kudryavtseva told the audience about the tuition fees in the 2021/2022 academic year, discounts and scholarships.

Use the link to watch the broadcast recording.

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