ASU Students Write Great Ethnographic Dictation


It is the first time the international educational campaign has been held, and this year it is organized fully online. Everyone interested can check their knowledge of the peoples that live in Russia, within the period of November 3-8.

ASU Students Write Great Ethnographic Dictation

Second-year students of the ASU Historical Faculty tested their knowledge offline on the first day of the dictation. Representatives of other humanities faculties of the university (Law Faculty, Faculty of Philology & Journalism and Faculty of Social Communications) also joined the campaign through their PCs and smartphones.

As the students and professors say, the dictation organizers made the right decision to let the participants pass the test any time during the specified period. Besides, the possibility to learn the right answers at once and receive the historical background with specific links to the sources is an obvious advantage.

Any citizen of Russia and of other countries can become a participant of the Great Ethnographic Dictation. Tasks are available on the project official website until November, 8. The test consists of 30 questions. The federal part is the same for all the participants, while the regional one is unique for each entity of Russia. Participants have 45 minutes to complete the test. Upon its completion, a participant immediately receives an electronic certificate on his/her participation in the dictation with the results.

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