Konstantin Markelov Speaks about Promotion ofEngineering Education atASU

Konstantin Markelov Speaks about Promotion ofEngineering Education atASU

The UNESCO Chair ofRussian University ofTransport organized aninternational conference, dedicated tothe role oftransport science and education inthe social and ethic policy. The videoconference dialogue involves experts oflarge organizations and universities ofnine countries Belarus, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, USA, Ukraine and France. The ASU rector isalso among the speakers ofthe conference.

The event is being held under support of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO Affairs, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Coordination Committee of UNESCO Chairs, BRITA international transport alliance. It is timed to the memorable date — the 75th anniversary of the foundation the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

In his report, ASU Rector and Chairman of the UNESCO Chair “The Learning Society and Human Sustainable Development” Konstantin Markelov told the participants about formation of a partnership-based system of engineering education at university and in the region in general.

The programme of conference “Role of Transport Science and Education in Ensuring Social, Environmental and Technological Sustainability of Societies’ Development”, which ensures intrauniversity interaction on UNESCO affairs, also included reports by other experts. University professors discussed the prospects and accessibility of railway and water transport systems in different countries, as well as the issues of environmental and technosphere security.

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