ASU Publishing House Issues Linguistic and Cultural Study Guide


The book is written by professors of the Faculty of Philology & Journalism of Astrakhan State University Elena Badalova, Tatiana Bardina, Marina Golovaneva, Irina Zhelnova, Tatiana Ivashkovich and Daria Nefedova.

ASU Publishing House Issues Linguistic and Cultural Study Guide

Study guide Astrakhan — Caspian Capital. Linguistic and Cultural Studies consists of six thematic sections, helping develop the linguistic, speech and communication competencies, since the ability to communicate in Russian is a priority area in the whole system of training foreign students. Each of the given topics is based on authentic texts about the unique historical heritage of the Caspian capital, its economic and trade prosperity. Besides, the texts reflect the amazing nature of the region, national traditions and customs, cultural and spiritual centres of the region.

The book can be used at the lessons with foreign students that have the first and second certification level of Russian both independently and within a training complex. With its scope and a large volume of background knowledge, it can be used as a supplementary material for writing essays, holding seminars and lectures on cultural and country studies of Russia.

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