ASU Conveys Its Idea ofKindness

ASU Conveys Its Idea ofKindness

Visions ofKindness, anart work contest under the aegis ofthe Commission ofthe Russian Federation for UNESCO Affairs, has been launched. Itisorganized bythe Jewish Museum &Tolerance Center. Our region isbeing represented bystudents and professors ofthe Faculty ofArchitecture &Design and Faculty ofPedagogical Education, Art, Service &Culture ofAstrakhan State University and ofthe Astrakhan Art School named after P.A. Vlasov.

The project coordinators decided not to introduce any rules or requirements for the content, so everyone decides for themselves what kindness means to them and how it should be expressed towards people around. It really made the task harder for the entrants — they are to create their own image so that everyone can comprehend it.

Works of the contest participants will be displayed at a prestigious multimedia exhibition, aimed at reminding of the necessity of the cultural dialogue between countries, peaceful coexistence, integration and sustainability. 14 entrants from Astrakhan will compete for the main prize.

Besides, the Russian Federation for UNESCO Affairs will choose an additional special winner.