ASU Scientists Projects Are Commended AtHighest Level

ASU Scientists Projects Are Commended AtHighest Level

The developments ofAstrakhan State University, presented atinternational festival ofscientific and technical creativity Clear Prop!, were commended byMinister ofIndustry and Trade ofRussia Denis Manturov. The expert got particularly interested inthe LEGENDA unmanned aerial platform.

Pavel Tamkov, one of the developers of the project, told the minister about the main options for using unmanned aerial vehicles — detection of oil leak sources in the Caspian Sea and automatic detection of illegal ties-in into land-based oil pipelines. Such violations both give rise to huge environmental problems and are fraught with significant material damage for oil companies.

In addition, the minister supported the initiative of Astrakhan State University to open a UAV competence centre with the possibility of obtaining subsidies to purchase equipment from leading UAV manufacturers. Therefore, ASU scientists will be able to develop this area for the needs of the whole Caspian region.

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