ASU Students Examine Records ofAstrakhan Citizens War Labour Valour

ASU Students Examine Records ofAstrakhan Citizens War Labour Valour

This spring, second-year students ofthe Historical Faculty ofAstrakhan State University have undertaken atraineeship atthe State Archives ofAstrakhan Region. One ofthe tasks was toparticipate inthe search for certificates ofawarding the citizens with medals For Valiant Labour inthe Great Patriotic War of1941-1945.

The work was carried out to prepare a package of documents for conferring honorary title “City of Labour Valour” to Astrakhan.

The trainees examined R-2233 collection (Astrakhan Regional Council of People’s Deputies and its Executive Committee) and the cases about the Astrakhan citizens who distinguished themselves during the war years.

The students learned how to use the scientific and reference apparatus of the archive, compare and summarize the information of documents, and also learned a lot about the structure of the certificate for awarding medals. Ekaterina Shalatskaya, supervisor of the traineeship at the state archive, helped young historians to cope with this task.

Student Zarina Nugmanova noted that the trainees continue their active work in the archive, learning something new every day.

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