Patriotic Events on the Day of Memory and Mourning Are Held at ASU


On June 22, we honour the memory of those fallen in the Great Patriotic War, which began 80 years ago and caused enormous damage to the civilians of the USSR. Today, Astrakhan State University also recalls the participants of those tragic events.

Patriotic Events on the Day of Memory and Mourning Are Held at ASU

An online broadcast of the Immortal Regiment campaign is taking place in the lobby of the first floor of the main building. A video series of photographs of the veterans was prepared by the activists of student club “ASU Volunteers of the Victory”. These very activists collected materials from students, teachers and university staff.

At the same time, there is an exhibition of books and archival materials in the Scientific Library of Astrakhan State University; it tells the visitors about military operations, hero cities, outstanding commanders, as well as about the history of the university and the participation of its employees in the Great Patriotic War.

Astrakhan State University is proud that there were once teachers among its teaching staff who fought for the Motherland, and now there are those who survived these events as a child. The ASU website is publishing materials within the framework of the all-Russia campaign “Scientific Regiment” every day.

Directorate of Information Policy and Public Relations