ASU Professor Completed His Studies at PI School in St. Petersburg


The school was organized by SCAMT international scientific center of ITMO University for young PhD candidates who want to create world-class laboratories. Mikhail Valov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geology and Geography and Associate Professor of the ASU Department of Ecology, Nature & Land Management, & Safe Vital Activities, passed a competitive selection to participate in the programme.

ASU Professor Completed His Studies at PI School in St. Petersburg

A PI (Principal Investigator) is a new-breed scientific leader who knows how to find and implement projects, as well as build a team quickly and give part of its creative functions to digital technologies.

The PI School was attended by 40 young scientific managers, who represented about 30 regions of Russia.

For five days, experts from the academic community told the participants about various aspects of building a new-generation laboratory — modern methods for administering research projects, issues of efficient cooperation with the industry and the scientific component, attracting young talents to work, and developing in-demand educational programmes.

The training course ended with the defense of participants’ roadmaps for the creation and development of modern world-class laboratories.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Knyaginin was one of the school’s ideologists. He met with the participants at the opening ceremony and at the roadmap defense.

Faculty of Geology and Geography Photo: SCAMT ITMO