ASU Student Completed Language Internship atJapanese University

ASU Student Completed Language Internship atJapanese University

Anastasia Paplevko, astudent ofthe Faculty ofForeign Languages ​​of Astrakhan State University, has shared impressions ofher studies atKanagawa University.

The student exchange programme is being implemented within the framework of the agreement between ASU and Kanagawa University, concluded in 2011. It was the first time the training was conducted remotely due to the epidemiological situation.

During the six-month language internship, the ASU student managed not only to study and improve her language proficiency, but also to make new friends from different countries. The student also noted that the educational system in Russian universities is not very different from that of Japanese universities.

This internship was an unforgettable experience for the student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. It was difficult to get used to the intricate electronic learning system, and most importantly, to cope with agitation, but she succeeded, and only happy memories remained.

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