Floating University 2022 Scientific School Starts atASU

Floating University 2022 Scientific School Starts atASU

Astrakhan has become one ofthe five cities inRussia that are hosting lectures byleading scientists inthe main areas and issues ofmodern oceanology, aswell asface-to-face events aimed atobtaining specialized skills and opportunities for development invarious areas ofthe marine environment studies.

Participation in the project is open for students who are engaged in earth sciences and ocean research, as well as representatives of all other specialties who wish to get acquainted with the basics of oceanology.

Welcoming the audience at the opening of the Floating University 2022 scientific school, ASU Vice-Rector for Innovation and Priority Projects Aleksey Titov said that 175 applications had been submitted for participation at the ASU site. Aleksey Titov expressed his confidence that the results of the Floating University 2022 scientific school would be useful to all participants, and the knowledge gained would find its application in further practical activities of everyone.

Participants of in the Floating University, which is taking place on February, 14-16, will get acquainted with modern oceanology, including ocean and atmospheric physics, hydrochemistry, marine biology, marine geology and underwater technology, and will also improve their skills with the help of master classes on the latest methods in data processing and analysis.

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