SocioCenter Experts Start Their Work atAstrakhan State University

SocioCenter Experts Start Their Work atAstrakhan State University

Aproject and analytical session, organized bythe invited experts, has involved representatives ofthe university administration and members ofthe strategic project team within the framework ofthe Priority 2030 development programme ofASU.

The session is part of the events with participation of federal expert teams, designed to update the development program of the university in compliance with the federal agenda, the tasks of national projects and the needs of the region’s economy.

The SocioCenter team began its work with getting acquainted with the university’s infrastructure facilities that are related to strategic projects. The work agenda continued with the presentation of the ASU development programme and five strategic projects to the experts. Upon its results, our colleagues from Sociocenter formulated areas for further design and analytical work with the teams of the university.

According to the experts, a number of really serious projects are being developed at Astrakhan State University, and there are quite a lot of potential consumers in the region, and one of the goals of the Sociocenter experts is to outline effective steps, including for working with the university partners.

The event will continue with a two-day group session, including diagnostics of the current state of implementation of the university development programme components and design of corrective actions.

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