ASU Establishes Cooperation with Alchevsk Cossack Cadet Corps

ASU Establishes Cooperation with Alchevsk Cossack Cadet Corps

The rector ofAstrakhan State University has paid aworking visit tothe Luhansk Peoples Republic where hevisited the Alchevsk Cossack Cadet Corps and discussed topical issues ofmutual cooperation with the leaders ofthis educational institution.

Konstantin Markelov got acquainted with the cadets and teaching staff. The rector was shown the corps and its premises. He paid a special attention to the monument to General Matvei Platov, the alley of graduates and the museum room. The exhibition in this room is dedicated to military events and the participation of the Don Cossacks in them — from the war of 1812 to the very recent days.

In particular, it is planned to create a separate exhibition devoted to the staff of the corps who are currently fulfilling their duty to protect the Motherland.

As a positive example of building a transparent system of Cossack education, the rector of Astrakhan State University mentioned ASU student Georgy Sherstyukov, who is a graduate of the Astrakhan Cadet Corps. Now he heads the Southern Russia Cossack Youth Union and is the member of the working group on coordinating the university’s interaction with the Association of Educational Institutions of Higher Education Ensuring Cossack Training.

Konstantin Markelov left an entry in the book of honored guests of the Alchevsk Cossack Cadet Corps, signing the first time as the Rector of the Astrakhan State University named after V. N. Tatishchev.

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Photo: courtesy of Konstantin Markelov