Konstantin Markelov Talks toMilitary Sports Camp Pupils

Konstantin Markelov Talks toMilitary Sports Camp Pupils

The rector ofAstrakhan Tatishchev State University took part inthe closing ceremony ofthe 6th shift ofthe project Three Days inSpecial Forces. Agroup ofchildren has been trained atASU premises, rented bythe organizer ofthe project the Garant training center.

The Three Days in Special Forces day camp for children is organized by the Vityaz-30 military sports club under the guidance of the Guards Shift all-Russian movement together with the Garant training center. Schoolchildren aged 10 to 16 are engaged in general physical and drill training, study safety precautions when handling firearms and cold steel, learn how to disassemble and assemble weapons, shoot from air rifles and throw knives, go through an obstacle course, and, as a result, reach qualifying standards and receive certificates.

Konstantin Markelov examined the equipment of the premises and playgrounds for the children, talked to the organizers and pupils of the camp.

“Next year, a military training center will open at Astrakhan State University; it will be located on the campus at Sofia Perovskaya Street. We will study in detail the experience of conducting military sports classes with schoolchildren, which are now taking place at a nearby site, and we plan to use this experience in the work of the military training center,” Konstantin Markelov said.

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