ASU IsConsidering Options for Project Commercialization

ASU IsConsidering Options for Project Commercialization

The team ofAstrakhan Tatishchev State University participates inevents oninitiative-promoting technologies within the on-site stage ofthe Strong Ideas for the New Times forum which istaking place inMoscow these days.

Recall that two ASU developments, supervised by the Director of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics Aleksey Rybakov, made it to the top 200 best projects according to the assessment of the expert community.

The project Digital Platform of the International North-South Transport Corridor, prepared by the team of the same-name strategic project of Astrakhan State University, was presented within the National Technology Initiative track.

The Agrotronic Robotic Greenhouse Complex project, which is being developed as part of the Environmental Technologies in the Caspian Macroregion strategic project, entered the top 200 within the Entrepreneurship track.

The programme of the on-site stage of the Strong Ideas for the New Times forum includes panel sessions for each track with the participation of project leaders to exchange ideas and opinions and search for partners. Thus, Aleksey Rybakov received an invitation to the session Assessing the Commercial Potential and Bringing Technology to the Market: Expertise, Translational Research, Marketing, & Digital Tools.

The forum also hosts local networking events within the tracks. The team members of ASU managed to have fruitful communication with business representatives and leaders of other ideas.

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