Artistic Landing at ASU: Masters Communicate with Students

Artistic Landing at ASU: Masters Communicate with Students

Well-known Russian actors Aleksey Lysenkov and Valery Yaremenko arrived at Astrakhan State University to conduct another series of classes with their mentees who are majoring in drama theater and cinema.

Classes for young people studying at the ASU Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Art, Service and Culture are conducted by university teachers according to the programmes developed by the artists themselves and under their constant supervision.

Valery Yaremenko held an introductory block of classes with the students and determined a strategy for their future education. The students prepared their first performances and received a lively, interested feedback from the teacher. In particular, he paid attention to the possibility to present the same work of art in different ways, depending on a personal position of the artist.

During their visit to ASU, Valery Yaremenko and Aleksey Lysenkov also talked to Rector Konstantin Markelov, discussing with him and the Dean of the faculty Galina Palatkina prospects for the development of acting programmes at the university.

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