ASU Hosts the Opening of Service Design Training Programme


The event brought together those interested in the issue who will learn together how to organize assistance to meet the needs of society as much as possible. The programme is implemented by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

ASU Hosts the Opening of Service Design Training Programme

The provision of social services is one of the key factors that shows the attitude of the population to the mechanism of the State. That is why society needs programmes that will teach how to provide assistance to people with disabilities, the elderly or those who simply have difficulties in socializing, and make their life easier.

The organizers of the event thanked ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov for providing a venue for the event.

Vitaly Petelin, the regional service commissioner and President of Astrakhan Regional Public Organization for Harmonious Personal Development Move-1, spoke in more detail about the idea of ​​the project and the organization of assistance to people in non-standard situations. Vitaly emphasized that thanks to their initiatives, future specialists will be able to make those around them happier.

Training for service designers will take place throughout the week and will end with the development of a final case, which will help change the state support mechanism.

Directorate of Information Policy and Public Relations