ASU Ph.D. Student Will Obtain an International Academic Degree


On December 11, the defense of Adelya Baymukhambetova’s thesis for a degree of Ph.D. in Biotechnology & Chemistry took place at the Centre for Conference Interpretation of Astrakhan State University.

ASU Ph.D. Student Will Obtain an International Academic Degree

This landmark event became possible thanks to the new agreement on a triple post-graduate degree programme and the agreement on joint scientific supervision over the Ph.D. student’s work between the University of Trieste, Italy, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy, and Astrakhan State University.

Adelya Baymukhambetova entered the joint post-graduate programme "Biotechnology/Chemistry" in 2014 and started preparing her thesis "The Research on Extraction of the Chemical Composition and Properties of Biologically Active Components of Some Plants from Asteraceae". The work has been carrying out for 3 years at the Research Laboratory of Biotechnologies of Astrakhan State University and laboratories of the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics of Ca' Foscari University.

The thesis was defended online with RU-EN-RU interpretation and included the presentation of the conducted research by the Ph.D. student and detailed answers to the supervisors’ questions, following by a discussion between the Russian and Italian parties. The professors discussed the defense protocol, consisting of 16 indicators of the quality of the thesis, presentation and answers of the Ph.D. student. Finally, the parties made a mutual decision to entitle Adelya Baymukhambetova with a degree of Ph.D. in Biotechnology & Chemistry.

Biological Faculty Photo: Directorate of Information Policy