Another Meeting ofASU Academic Council

Another Meeting ofASU Academic Council

The university administration discussed current issues, and Acting Rector Konstantin Markelov handed indiplomas inrecognition ofdeserving employees ofthe university.

Olga Alykova and Natalia Tikhonova received the Certificate of Merit of the Astrakhan Regional Duma for long-term diligent work in the sphere of education and high professionalism. Gulfiya Dzhumagalieva got a diploma of Candidate of Sciences in the programme "Developmental Psychology, Acmeology", while Lyudmila Kashirskaya was awarded a certificate from the Research Institute of Science and Education in the nomination "Best Inter-University Textbook" for her book "Accounting Examination of Budgetary Institutions".


Besides, the ASU Media team received five awards for their participation in the all-Russian festival "Russian Student Spring".

The main agenda of the meeting also included issues on nomination of Madina Dzhantaleeva and Ekaterina Kudryashova for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in the programme "Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies", on a launch of a new educational programme "Geology" (specialization "Offshore Production and Processing of Oil & Gas") and on nominating Anatoly Velikorodov for the Certificate of Merit of the Astrakhan Governor.

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