Astrakhan State University Presents Its Hovercraft

Astrakhan State University Presents Its Hovercraft

The programme ofthe celebration ofthe 35th anniversary ofthe State Inspectorate for Small Vessels ofthe Astrakhan EMERCOM, which took place onJune14, included presentation ofspecialized machinery and rescue equipment.

Astrakhan State University presented its development — a special-design hovercraft -420. It should be recalled that the project is implemented under support of our industrial partner and the Caspian distributed centre «MariNet» of the National Technology Initiative.

The hovercraft model has been customized for conducting operational missions by officers of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels. In accordance with this task, the project team made special improvements to ensure mobility conditions and conduct afloat operations by one person.

Is should be noted that the cushion area was calculated on the basis of dynamic stability conditions afloat. The determined properties ensure safe operation within the calculated load capacities. The presented sample has been used for a year and a half without renewing the flexible extension elements (segments) as they are still in satisfactory condition.

During the event, everyone could take a photo of the amphibious vessel and learn about its technical properties.

Engineering Project Office

Photo: Directorate of Information Policy