ASU Rector Addresses Representatives of Caspian Universities


At the 22nd General Assembly of the Association of State Universities of Caspian Region Countries, Konstantin Markelov told his colleagues about the main areas and scope of ASU innovative research and considered a possibility to create a single information scientific and educational space of the region as a basis for strengthening international cooperation.

ASU Rector Addresses Representatives of Caspian Universities

“The Caspian states have lacked for comprehensive partnership in science and education so far. That’s why it seems reasonable to draft a respective agreement that will ensure full cooperation,” said the Rector.

Besides, Konstantin Markelov put forward a number of proposals for the final resolution of the international meeting of the Caspian universities. He mentioned, among other things, cooperation with ASU on the issues of AI technology development, environmental studies of the Caspian Sea and a lot more.

Konstantin Markelov invited the representatives of the Caspian universities to take part in implementation of the projects “World Engineering Games” and “UN Caspian Model”. The ASU Rector also gave a memorable gift to the rector of the University of Guilan.

Directorate of Information Policy Photo: courtesy of Konstantin Markelov