ASU Students Develop Programs for KUKA Robot


September 19 saw a practical class for students of the major “Agromechatronics”, where they started developing projects within the subject “Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering”.

ASU Students Develop Programs for KUKA Robot

The Master’s degree students started working on construction of a special gripper and program for KUKA agricultural robot. The upgraded gripper of the robot will be designed for replanting, transplanting of seedlings and supporting of stalks.

At the previous theoretical lesson, the students had discussed some uses of innovations in agriculture and had examined in detail the system of KUKA robot manipulator.

At their practical class, the students learnt how to operate the pneumatic gripper and to move elements of the robot, using the control panel. In their first program, the MA students made the manipulator move point-to-point.

It should be recalled that the agricultural robot appeared at ASU in February 2019 for the students of the major “Agromechatronics”, launched within FARMER project of the Erasmus+ international programme.

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