ASU Delegates DoáResearch OnáWater Resources ofáSwitzerland

ASU Delegates DoáResearch OnáWater Resources ofáSwitzerland

From September 30átoáOctoberá8, anáautumn education school was held ináGeneva within the framework ofáthe cooperation between the Department F.-A. Forel ofáthe University ofáGeneva and Astrakhan State University. The joint project ôCreation ofáEducational Network onáSustainable Water Resourcesö ofáthe research &áproduction laboratory ofábiotechnologies ofáthe universities has been implemented since 2018.

It should be recalled that on July 5-18, 2019, Astrakhan State University welcomed the delegation of students and teachers from Switzerland within the framework of the project, supported by a grant of the foundation “Leading House for Swiss Science & Technology Cooperation with Russia and CIS Counties”.

The Astrakhan delegation paid a return visit to Geneva to participate in an educational intensive programme which included lectures and field observations for gaining knowledge on the ecosystem of Geneva and Lake Geneva. The practical research experience made it possible to exchange knowledge on methods for water quality monitoring. The ASU delegation consisted of students of Biotechnology and Geology, as well as interpreters of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation, Ph.D. students and teachers.

The summer and autumn schools resulted in determining an objective to ensure long-term implementation of the project in order to carry out active interaction in the first and coming years, develop joint educational, scientific and cultural initiatives with foundations and organizations that are involved into preservation and monitoring of valuable endangered biological objects and water environment.

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Photo: Vladimir Popov