Closing Ceremony ofForum WeNeed Each Other inAstrakhan

Closing Ceremony ofForum WeNeed Each Other inAstrakhan

OnNovember13, the Grand Hall ofthe Astrakhan State Philharmonic held the official closing ceremony ofthe 1st All-Russia Forum ofOrphanage Leavers.

It should be recalled that the organization of the 1st All-Russia Forum of Orphanage Leavers “We Need Each Other” became possible thanks to the grant of the All-Russia competition of youth projects among educational institutions of higher education (Federal Youth Agency), won by Astrakhan State University in 2019. ASU students took an active part in it, and several events of the forum were held at our university.

15 educational platforms allowed the forum participants from all across Russia to gain necessary skills of teamwork, to make successful presentations of their brands and social projects, to learn some secrets of building their personal growth trajectory and to set new goals for themselves. During the discussion “Right for Successful Future”, the participants formulated proposals on fulfilling rights and opportunities for orphanage leavers which were included in the resolution.

“I think that you’ll enjoy the spirit of the forum for a long while and will bring this wave of friendship and cooperation to your regions. It is important that you have an opportunity to discuss problems and determine areas for development. I’m sure that there’ll a second forum, a third one and a lot more, but you’ll always be the first. That’s what I want to wish you — to take the lead in your profession, creativity and life. I’m sure that your initiative, which resulted in creating this forum, will stay alive”, said Konstantin Markelov, the Rector of Astrakhan State University and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the All-Russia Forum of Orphanage Leavers.

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