ASU Projects Are Displayed atSlush Helsinki International Startup Forum

ASU Projects Are Displayed atSlush Helsinki International Startup Forum

The team ofAstrakhan State University isparticipating inthis significant event for the first time. Russian participants that are exhibiting their developments onthe exhibition stands passed achallenging selection procedure intheir regions.

Slush Helsinki visitors can have a look at high-tech marine products, designed by Astrakhan State University researchers. In particular, Caspy News Start, an industrial partner (spin-off) of ASU, is presenting its amphibious hover craft, while MOLOT company, which is a partner of EGODRONE project, is displaying patented drones for conducting surveys both on the land surface and in the maritime area. The list of ASU exhibit items also includes an underwater remote controlled robot and an offshore multi-purpose unmanned platform.

As the Slush Helsinki participants say, for Astrakhan State University it is very important to experience the atmosphere of a big innovative forum, where thousands of young people from different countries get together and exchange new ideas, which inspires the researchers for further work.

“The ASU developments have sparked greater interest at the forum. Indeed, they are capable of competing with the best systems of similar type all across the globe. We hope to gain support of accelerators and an opportunity to get in contact with investors,” says ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov.

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Photo: courtesy of Konstantin Markelov