ASU Rector Sings a Song about Fir at Concert “By the New year’s Tree”


The New Year performance, prepared by the Student Club of Amateur Song, again brought together bard fans, the number of which at our university is increasing.

ASU Rector Sings a Song about Fir at Concert “By the New year’s Tree”

Performing students are becoming more and more confident on the stage, which cheers up a lot, and the organizers always look for new forms for concerted items. For example, several performances were accompanied by the pathetic violin-playing by Ekaterina Egorova, a student of the Faculty of Philology & Journalism.

This time, Konstantin Markelov pleased the concert audience with three songs: Winter has tiptoed tenderly», the New Year’s hit A little fir was born in the forest and Oleg Mityaev’s famous song So wonderful that all of us are here today which was gladly sung along by the audience.

This year saw our youth’s gigantic step forward, but for us— the veterans of the Amateur Song Club — it’s still too early to leave the stage! I hope that the bard song will bring together more young people next year. Happy New Year! May you spend this holiday with your families and friends — today, in our rapid age, we do lack for personal communication, simple but important words and good music, said the ASU Rector.

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