Astrakhan State University Sums Up Results of Strategic Session on Creation of Caspian Centre


For two days, representatives of public authorities, businesses, financial institutes, social, scientific and educational organizations of Russia considered the planned mechanisms of the centre’s work.

Astrakhan State University Sums Up Results of Strategic Session on Creation of Caspian Centre

The second day of the session “Caspian Scientific & Educational Centre — Growth Point of Economic Potential of Southern Russia” included activities within the eco-system track “Designing a Technological Development Centre. Network Accelerator of Ecosystem of Caspian SEC”. In groups, the participants developed a structure of the centre and exchanged their ideas on powers and obligations of each structure, forming part of the centre.

At the end of the session, the colleagues shared results of the discussion. Many of them concurred that it’s necessary to form a specific working group for each area of centre’s activities, involving representatives of different educational institutions, scientific centres, businesspersons and an independent expert who will assess the prospects of one or another initiative. The head of the centre will keep in touch with heads of these working groups.

Having considered the presented roadmaps, ASU Vice-Rector for Research Activities Anna Fedotova summed up the results of the strategic session. She noted that the meeting made it possible to specify the main steps for well-coordinated work on creation of the Caspian Scientific & Educational Centre.

It should be recalled that the sub-track guests not only discussed plans on cooperation but also proposed specific projects. Anna Fedotova suggested that the participants of each sub-track analyzed all the recommendations of the experts, added some new ideas to their projects and formalized them in accordance with the proposed rules and patterns in order to present them to the partners at the next meeting.

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