New Book of ASU Publishing House Covers Combinatorics Issues


The study guide “Preparing Students of Pedagogical Faculties for Teaching Combinatorics Problem Solution to Junior Schoolchildren” was prepared, among other authors, by teachers of the Department of Mathematics & Mathematics Teaching Technique Nadezhda Amosova and Anna Cherkasova.

New Book of ASU Publishing House Covers Combinatorics Issues

The guide dwells on the issue of preparing teachers-to-be for teaching primary elements of combinatorics to junior schoolchildren. In particular, it covers the issues of propaedeutic work on using the direct-search method and the methods of introducing such types of aggregates as permutations and combinations, with subsequent solution of various problems.

The edition authors present sets of problems on making up aggregates of a certain type and propose the requirements for problem systems and different methods for their fulfilment.

The book is meant for students of the major “Primary Education” and teachers of primary schools.

Publishing House Astrakhan University