ASU Develops Cooperation with Dmitry Mendeleev University ofChemical Technology ofRussia

ASU Develops Cooperation with Dmitry Mendeleev University ofChemical Technology ofRussia

The universities signed anagreement onpartnership relations during the meeting ofAstrakhan Governor Igor Babushkin, ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov and representatives ofthe Moscow university.

The signed document implies joint activities, aimed at development of scientific research in creating competitive products for the Russian chemical industry and training of highly-skilled HR in this field.

Aleksandr Mazhuga spoke about the potential of the university and prospects of cooperation. Dmitry Mendeleev University offers a wide range of programmes that promote chemical technology.

ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov stressed that these partnership relations may serve a helping hand in training of Astrakhan teachers.

The colleagues agreed that it’s necessary to cultivate love for studies, including for chemistry, from the very secondary school. For this purpose, Dmitry Mendeleev University is going to launch a new project — Mendeleev classes. The project will allow employers to meet specialists-to-be as early as possible, to know them better and maybe even to employ them in future. If an enterprise is interested in a promising child, they may offer him/her employer-sponsored education at university.

Astrakhan Governor Igor Babushkin supported the idea of launching the project in the region and expressed readiness to join other relevant educational initiatives. Igor Babushkin also proposed an idea of creating an innovative scientific and technological centre in Astrakhan which will give an impetus to innovative and technological development of the region.

At the meeting, the colleagues discussed possibilities of defense of ASU scientists’ theses in the Dissertation Council of Dmitry Mendeleev University, joint research, aimed at addressing environmental issues for the gas industry and studies on river treatment methods.

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