ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov Congratulates Lovely Women on 8th of March


Dear students and ladies, working for Astrakhan State University! Please accept my most sincere and warm congratulations on International Women’s Day!

ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov Congratulates Lovely Women on 8th of March

This wonderful holiday is a true symbol of spring, when nature livens up, human relationships become warmer and new plans and dreams are being born. And it is no coincidence that charming ladies grad the attention of all men these shiny days.

We’re living in a wonderful time when there is no talk about fundamental division into “strong” and “weak” halves of humanity at all. Female representatives of Astrakhan State University are the best in everything — they build a successful career in teaching and science, learn new methods and technologies, grow as professionals and creative persons. Our women demonstrate their best qualities and succeed in all areas of activities.

However, today I don’t want to focus on professional victories — one can congratulate you, dear ladies, on them on any weekday. On this beautiful day, we, the men, should leave this official narrative, tell you the warmest words and express our gratitude for your care, tenderness, warm-heartedness and sympathy.

A lot hinges on you at our university, and we do appreciate that.

I wish you happiness, goodness and well-being. May kind smiles shine around you all the time, may compliments rain upon you! May your care of family, children, beloved and dear return to you with love and warmth!

Konstantin Markelov, Rector of Astrakhan State University