ASU Journalists-to-be Are Medal Winners ofCompetition IAm Professional

ASU Journalists-to-be Are Medal Winners ofCompetition IAm Professional

Results ofthe prestigious all-Russia student competition inthe 2019/2020 academic year have been summedup. The team ofAstrakhan State University won two awards out offive inthe category Bachelors degree inthe programme Journalism.

The certificate of the gold medal winner was handed to 1st-year student of the ASU Faculty of Philology & Journalism Nikolay Rogulin, who got 99 scores out of 100. Tatiana Shunkova, a 2-nd year student who got 84 scores, was awarded the bronze medal. These students have a right to continue their studies within a specialized Master’s degree programme in leading universities of the country, being enrolled either without any entrance examinations or with 100 scores for their portfolio.

Besides, 2-nd year student of the ASU Faculty of Philology & Journalism Anna Kucherova, who got 75 scores, also joined the list of the winners of the 3rd season of the competition I Am Professional.

In the preliminary round, the participants uploaded a multimedia article on a socially-urgent issue that they had chosen themselves, in their personal account, and made a photo or video project. The final stage of the competition for representatives of the Southern Federal District took place at ASU. The participants were to choose one of the topics, to analyze the data given and to prepare a media content with visualization of the information.

Faculty of Philology & Journalism

Photo: Directorate of Information Policy