Prospective Students of2020 Will Submit Documents toASU Online

Prospective Students of2020 Will Submit Documents toASU Online

Yesterdays meeting ofthe ASU Academic Council approved changes inthe regulations ofadmission toAstrakhan State University, caused bythe epidemiological situation inthe world.

According to Executive Secretary of the ASU Admissions Office Lyudmila Tovarnichenko, applicants will not have to come to university or to send their documents by regular mail — all communication will be organized through applicant’s user account on the ASU website.

The respective procedure of enrollment has been determined for all levels of education, both higher (Bachelor, Specialist, Master and Ph.D. programmes) and vocational.

As for the majors that require additional creative or sporting tasksfor examination according to the admission regulations, a procedure of their conduct is being discussed now. As LyudmilaTovarnichenko says, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education will probably provide universities with methodological recommendations on this issue. However, it has already been announced that universities will make a final decision themselves.

The executive secretary of the ASU Admissions Office stressed that exact timeline of document submission for all groups of applicants will be determined after approval of the dates of the unified state exam in schools.

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