ASU Introduces Series of Paintings “Scorched by Fire of War”


On the threshold of Victory Day, the Art Saloncreative studio of Astrakhan State University keeps telling us about the artists who imprinted an imperishable memory of the feats and life of people of that hard wartime, full of grief, in their paintings.

ASU Introduces Series of Paintings “Scorched by Fire of War”

From the very first days of the war, artists felt mobilized and destined to serve the people with their art and they spent these days together with the defenders of the Motherland. Patriotic ideas determined the content of the art of those times, because it was art that tempered the people’s spirit, inspired for feats and supported their faith in victory. Unexampled heroism of the Soviet people, expressed at the very turn — on the battlefield, behind enemy lines, in partisan units — becomes one of the leitmotifs of the Soviet paining of those times.

There is an abyss between an artist and war, but nobody can choose a time to live, and those who were born to be artists, paint both in the war and about the war. They paint, bartering their last bread for paints, paint in cold half-ruined rooms, paint on old tablecloths and bedsheets...

Use the link to learn more about works of the wartime artists.

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