ASU Students Learn about Role ofFamily inIndividual Value System

ASU Students Learn about Role ofFamily inIndividual Value System

OnMay29, 2020 the Department ofSocial Pedagogics &Psychology ofAstrakhan State University held ascientific &applied online seminar Socio-Psychological Peculiarities ofModern Family Relations.

These days, society is undergoing dynamic changes caused by the shift from the industrial manufacture to the digital, information production. Now human well-being depends not so much on the family but on his/her own achievements in other social institutions. The focus of individual value systems on out-of-family spheres of activities is increasingly being associated with a hindrance to one’s personal success, and family relations are under serious stress in this regard.

The scientific & applied seminar involved staff members of comprehensive education institutions of Astrakhan region and ASU students; serving its educational function, the seminar aimed at helping to address at least some of the issues in this sphere.

The participants considered the main socio-psychological peculiarities of modern family relations, factors of their success and risks, family life cycle and parenting models of family relations.

The seminar participants are interested in further discussion on such issues. For this purpose, they outlined some topics for the following meetings.

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