ASU Department of Continuing Education Invites to Share Experience


Professors of Astrakhan State University can do a study course in the advanced training programme “Theory & Practice of E-Learning and Distance Learning Technologies”, which will be implemented by the department in July 2020.

ASU Department of Continuing Education Invites to Share Experience

Remote work has allowed university’s professors to gain a unique experience of organizing the study process in the electronic educational environment. New types of classes, various tasks, modern educational technologies — all this has been used to help the students in their studies under new conditions and to make them more motivated for studying.

Professors’ experience in creating e-courses is invaluable — each resource, created by a certain professor, differs by its content — interesting presentations, a creative approach to giving online classes, sets of video resources. Certainly, this experience of our colleagues is useful and deserves special attention and development.

During the study course, offered by the Department of Continuing Education, its participants will learn the best practices of teaching online, improve their skills of making presentations, exchange their experience of holding students’ attention and of organization of comprehensive online communication.

Department of Continuing Education