Students of Our Country Will Attend All-Russia Online Graduation Ceremony on June 27


This year, the large-scale student celebration includes a series of events — online intellectual quiz, parting wishes from large companies’ CEOs in social media, online lectures, challenges and a lot more. The new format of the graduation ceremony will carry on the traditions of the previous years, create memories of the solemnity of this occasion and make this day really special.

Students of Our Country Will Attend All-Russia Online Graduation Ceremony on June 27

The main event in the programme is an online concert, featuring graduates from across Russia. The students will receive greetings from university rectors, heads of corporations and celebrities. The concert will also feature students’ favourite singers and popular bloggers.

graduation ceremony is organized by the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Autonomous Commercial Organization “Russia — Country of Opportunities” and the Russian Rectors’ Union.

“I’m sure that the first all-Russia student graduation ceremony will become a new tradition of an annual summer festival of studentship. It will both unite the universities and give an opportunity to congratulate the graduates nationwide, to share some stories about the best students and to express the words of gratitude to professors and parents for their labour. They deserve it for a good reason,” notes RF Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov.

The live stream of the event will be on June, 27 at 13h00 (Moscow time) in the official community pages of the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the presidential platform “Russia — Country of Opportunities”.

Directorate of Information Policy Source: materials of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia