ASU CITS Students Pay Online Study Visit toEUInstitution

ASU CITS Students Pay Online Study Visit toEUInstitution

MAstudents ofthe ASU Caspian Higher School ofInterpreting and Translation took part inanonline meeting with representatives ofthe Directorate-General for Translation ofthe European Commission. The DGT translators had atalk with alarge number ofstudents from different countries and universities.

During the three-hour meeting, MA students were given a virtual tour and learned about the work of the Directorate, as well as special websites, tools, and methods of translation. The translators also showed the process of working on document translation. In addition, CITS students learned a lot about working with the terminology base of the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission, and about difficulties and new challenges of working with terminology in a constantly changing world. And, of course, the students were told how to get a job in the Directorate-General for Translation — as a full-time employee or a freelancer.

The meeting participants had the opportunity to ask questions to which they received detailed answers: the translators explained to the students all the aspects of the DGT work that were of interest to them, shared useful information and links to websites that can help prepare for the DGT employment exam and answered a variety of questions related to the intricacies of translation.

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