ASU Department of Continuing Education Completes Its Academic Year


July 9 saw the final examination of this year’s last group of students, undertaking an additional professional programme. As a result, more than 400 people will receive their certificates soon, adding relevant competences and new knowledge to their professional portfolio.

ASU Department of Continuing Education Completes Its Academic Year

The department students — and these are 221 graduates of professional retraining programmes for those who already have vocational or higher education diplomas and 216 students who are mastering additional educational programmes along with getting their higher education — are ready to carry out new types of professional activities for organizations and industries of the region.

The list of the professional retraining programmes includes both traditional and very popular programmes (“Legal Science”, “Methods for Teaching Foreign Language in Comprehensive School”, “Experimental Psychology” and “Corporate Management”) and the ones that are just gaining momentum: “Sports Training”, “Methods for Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science in Comprehensive School” and “Methods for Teaching Chinese”, among others.

Mastering additional professional programmes provides the graduates of the ASU Department of Continuing Education with an opportunity to become more competitive in the labour market through gaining new competences and necessary qualifications.

Department of Continuing Education