ASU Held Programming Online Marathon

ASU Held Programming Online Marathon

OnJuly17, 46first-year students ofthe ASU Faculty ofDigital Technologies &Cybersecurity competed inusing Python for data analysis and machine learning. The event was organized bythe Artificial Intelligence Project Office and became part ofthe academic training ondevelopment ofpractical skills.

Online marathon “Python for Data Analysis and Machine Learning” showed capabilities of the high-level programming language in work with data and demonstrated data structures, work with indices, data cleaning, mathematical operations, data integration operations, data aggregation and visualization to the students, who also considered the work with libraries.

Each student chose one of the topics, covering the main sections of Python application, beforehand, presented their part at the marathon and answered questions. Such an approach allowed the first-year students to learn plenty of useful practical materials and capabilities of Python for artificial intelligence.

It should be noted that the online competition is part of the project and educational programme of the Artificial Intelligence Project Office. AI Office Head Aleksandr Koshkarov notes that the doors of the Project Office are always open for students of any study year.

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