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Astrakhan State University pays a lot of attention to its future students’ proficiency in the Russian language. Our foreign students coming to our University to complete an academic exchange program can enhance their Russian language skills by attending year-round courses that are arranged to meet their needs.

ASU delivers educational programs in 10 foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Chinese, and Japanese. Our students participating in academic mobility programs may determine the level of their proficiency in a foreign language in accordance with international standards (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages / Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues) at our language centers. Foreign language courses will help them get prepared for studies at non-Russian universities that are our partners and for everyday life abroad. For additional information concerning the terms of language training and its costs please click the link of a corresponding center:

Department of Linguistic Education

Center of Chinese Language & Culture

Center of Farsi & Iran Studies

Center of Turkish Language

Center of International Tests in French Language

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