Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ is a European Union program that aims to support activities in the field of education, training, youth, and sports from 2014 to 2020.

The main goals of this program are to improve the quality of education, develop cooperation between higher educational institutions, and enhance the educational environment of the universities that receive foreign students.

Short-Term Academic Mobility – Mobility for Students, Professors, and Researchers

Background. The Erasmus+ Programme has been operating over 25 years; it provides many opportunities of academic mobility for students, professors, and researchers all over the world. Their mobility is provided as part of bilateral agreements signed between universities of 28 countries that are either members of the European Union, or its partners (including Russia). It implies covering a short-term training programme (without obtaining a national diploma, only as part of their training at their alma mater, which is to acknowledge their transcripts of records issued by a partner university).

All the Erasmus+ academic mobility projects aim to help each participant obtain the necessary knowledge and skills and enhance their professional competencies and awareness of other cultures. This programme also aims to contribute to the participating institutions’ potential and image as part of their international activities.

Terms of Participation. Students of ASU, beginning since the 2nd year of their bachelor programs, as well as future masters and PhDs, are eligible for participation to cover an Erasmus+ program for three to twelve months. A student shall demonstrate a good knowledge of English or the language of the receiving university (at least B2). A successful candidate must have passed all the previous examinations and credit tests successfully; it is not desirable to take part in this program at the final year of studies. Selection of students to obtain an Erasmus+ grant is executed on a competitive basis considering with the following criteria:

  • Good academic records;
  • Good knowledge of a foreign language (English, French, Italian) – at least B2;
  • Personal motivation confirmed with a letter of motivation;
  • Individual achievements (diplomas, certificates, participation in contests, competitions, and projects).

Faculties execute primary selection of candidates; the final decision is made by the receiving university.

Professors can participate in academic mobility by covering a short-term training program at a receiving university for 5 to 14 days.

Scholarship. Students participating in an academic mobility program whose duration is 3 to 12 months shall receive a scholarship €750 to 850 a month (depending on accommodation costs in the receiving country).

Professors shall receive scholarship to cover their costs €100 to 160 a day (depending on accommodation costs in the receiving country). In addition, their transportation costs can be refunded as well.

Astrakhan State University participates in the Erasmus+ Programme that supports bilateral mobility of students and faculty jointly with its EU partners. It provides our students and faculty with scholarships that they receive during their training at European universities with which cooperation agreements as part of Erasmus+ have been signed.

The International Cooperation Office of ASU provides all the information related to terms of participation in Erasmus+, its duration and costs, and the documents that any applicant must provide. For additional information related to the Erasmus+ Programme, please visit its European Union and Russian web sites.

Current Programs of Erasmus+ (KA1) Academic Mobility


Name of University

Fields of Cooperation


Università Ca'Foscari Venezia

Arts and Humanities; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Natural Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics

Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici di Pisa

Interpreting, Translation, and International Communications

Politecnico di Bari

Physics and Technology; ICT; Architecture

Università degli Studi del Molise

Law; Economics


Université Nice Sophia Antipolis



Univerza v Ljubljani

Humanities; Languages; Interpreting and Translation

Who Can Apply?

All the ASU students who specialize in a specific field corresponding to a particular academic mobility program are eligible for participation. Each mobility project usually relates to particular bachelor, master, or PhD specialties.

To apply for participation in a mobility program, a student shall provide their resume (CV), their letter of motivation in English and Russian, their transcript of records, and their language certificates (at least B1/B2).

Upon completion of their academic mobility program, a student shall receive their transcript of records that their alma mater shall acknowledge officially.

Erasmus+ Programme Supervisors at ASU:

Marina Trunilina

Tel.: +7-8512-24-64-38


Svetlana Popova

Tel.: +7-8512-24-64-38


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