The order and conditions for foreign students entering the Russian Federation

2.1. A foreign student must inform Astrakhan State University at least 10 days in advance to email of the date of his/her entering the RF, by sending the signed application in compliance with the approved form and copy of the document of identification valid in the territory of the Russian Federation which he/she is planning to use to cross the Russian border.
2.2. After the letter is sent Astrakhan State University will forward the student an email with the notification of:
- his/her being included in the list of foreign citizens for crossing the border of the Russian Federation;
- the necessity to follow the recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing;
- the location of the quarantine hostel of the university (in case the foreign student required for it in the application);
- recommended collection points for submission of specimens for PCR COVID-19 testing;
- contact information of the support service for foreign students at the university. 

2.3. No earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving in Russia, the student must be tested for COVID-19 with the use of PCR method and, if the result is negative, receive the relevant document in Russian or English in his country.
2.4. Within 72 hours after entry, the student must take a PCR retest. Before receiving the test result, the foreign student must follow the self-isolation regime at the place of residence.
2.5. If he/she receives a negative test result, the student must contact the Foreign Student Office (Astrakhan, 20a Tatishchev st., office No. 114 of the main building of Astrakhan State University, tel.: +7 (8512) 24-64-31), the dean's office and health center of the university (Astrakhan, 20a Tatishchev st., student hotel 3, 1st floor, left wing, tel.: +7 (8512) 24-68-29), providing copies of the test. 
2.6. If during the period of self-isolation, the first symptoms of an acute respiratory illness (fever, sore throat, snuffles, cough) appear, the student must immediately inform the university health center, call a doctor, and inform the dean's office.

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