Medical support

Foreign students can get medical support in medical offices at the university health center (Astrakhan, 20a Tatishchev st., student hotel No. 3, 1st floor, left wing, tel .: +7 (8512) 24-68-29).
The university's health center provides primary health care to students with acute illnesses and exacerbation of chronic diseases.
Please note that when entering the Russian Federation, a foreign student must have a voluntary health insurance policy. You can get a policy at any Russian insurance company. 
The following types of medical care are recommended to be taken into account in the voluntary health insurance policy:
• outpatient and polyclinic services, including hospital-replacing technologies (day patient facility);
• medical examinations (including a medical professional advisory opinion in the form 086/y, medical report on admission or on the presence of medical contraindications to physical education);
• providing medical care at home;
• emergency medical services;
• inpatient medical care in an emergency form (including in the case of treatment of an infectious disease);
• repatriation.

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