European Union Appendix to Diploma

Owing to introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) at Astrakhan State University, the Unit of International Relations issues an appendix of the official EU standard to any graduate of ASU, including our alumni of past years (provided an applicant has presented their diploma of the Russian standard and its Russian appendix specifying the disciplines covered).

This EU appendix is an official document developed by the European Commission, by the Council of Europe, and by the UNESCO to provide a mutual recognition of national documents of higher education as per the Bologna Declaration by European countries.

The EU appendix shall be written in English; it is an official translation from Russian into English that requires no further notarization. It provides information related to qualifications obtained, to the Russian educational system, as well as to its holder’s academic grades converted into ECTS credits.

This is just a brief list of opportunities that an EU diploma appendix provides:

  • Continued education in any EU country; grades for disciplines covered in Russia shall be regarded as valid credits;
  • Employment abroad after a prompt procedure of qualification recognition;
  • Employment at a Russian office of a foreign company, also after a prompt procedure of qualification recognition.

This is the list of documents necessary to obtain a European appendix to a diploma issued by ASU:

  • Completed and signed application form;
  • Photocopy of the initial page of an applicant’s passport to provide the correct spelling of their name;
  • Copy of the diploma and its Russian appendix issued by ASU;
  • Copy of the receipt confirming an applicant’s payment for the EU appendix;
  • Completed and printed form (.doc) specifying an applicant’s personal data.

The EU appendix shall be issued within 10 to 20 days.

To obtain an EU appendix to their future diploma, a student of ASU may contact the Dean’s office of their Department.

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European Union Appendix to Diploma