Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Art, Service and Culture

Palatkina, Galina Vladimirovna
D.Sc. in Pedagogics, Full Professor – Dean

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Address: 2a Mosina Str., Astrakhan 414042 Russia.

Phones: +7-8512-24-64-80; +7-8512-24-66-73 (Dean); +7-8512-24-66-94 (distance programs).


The Faculty of Pedagogics & Social Work includes the following Chairs:

Chair of Social Pedagogics & Psychology

Chair of Preschool & Primary School Education

Chair of Remedial Pedagogy

Chair of Pedagogics & Continuing Professional Education

Our Faculty also includes the School of Sewing Craft, the Fusion Dance Studio, the Center of Pedagogical Staff’s Continuing Education "Teacher of the Future", and the Training Center of Restaurant Service & Hospitality.

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