Administrative Directorate

Unit of Human Resources Management

Unit of Students-Related Documentation


General Unit

Protocol Service

Directorate of Research & Innovative Activities

Unit of D.Sc. Courses & Dissertation Councils

Unit of Fundraising & Research Analytics

Salon of Innovations & Investments

Unit of Research & Technical Information

Directorate for University General Maintenance

Motor Vehicle Unit

Unit of General Maintenance of Buildings & Constructions

Service of Fire Prevention, Labor Protection, and Public Order Provision

Unit of University Property Administration

Directorate for Pre-University Training & Students Admission

Unit of Profession-Orienting Activities & Admission Arrangement

Unit of Pre-University Training

Unit of Information Analytical & Marketing Support of Admission Campaign

Directorate for Capital Construction & Capital Repair

Unit of Material & Technical Resources Upgrade & Capital Repair

Directorate of Strategic Development & Priority Programs Realization

University Programs Development Unit

Strategic Partnership Unit

Investment Attraction Unit

Directorate for Extracurricular Activities & Student Initiatives Development

Foreign Students Relations Unit

Academic Process Management Directorate

Academic Unit

Center of Education Monitoring & Quality Audit

Unit of Educational Programs Planning & Realization

Unit of PhD & Master Courses

Organizational Methodical Unit

Unit of Academic Process Arrangement & Monitoring

Unit of Practical Training & State Certification

Directorate of Finances & Accountancy

Nonfinancial Assets Bookkeeping Unit

Financial Assets & Commitments Bookkeeping Unit

Labor Remuneration & Other Payments Calculation Unit

Unit of Taxation Bookkeeping & Planning

Management Accounting & Authorization Unit

Unit of Financial Management & Automation of Financial Processes

Unit of Economic Planning

Unit of Paid Services

Unit of Planning & Analyzing Labor Remuneration, Scholarships, and Social Welfare

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