Administrative Department

Unit of Capital Construction & Capital Repair

Unit of Labor Protection, Civil Defense, and Emergencies

Unit of University Property Administration

Fire Safety Unit

Senior Administrator’s Service

          Medical Aid Station

          General Services Unit

Chief Engineer's Service

          Motor Vehicle Unit
          Power Supply Unit

Legal Directorate

Contract Servicing

Unit of Regulatory Support & Ant-Corruption Management 

Unit of Material & Technical Supply

Legal Unit

Administrative Directorate


General Unit

Directorate for Pre-University Training & Students Admission

Unit of Information Analytical & Marketing Support of Admission Campaign

Unit of Pre-University Training

Unit of Recruting & Admission Arrangement

Human Resources Policy Directorate

Unit of Human Resources Management

Unit of Corporate Training

Directorate for Youth Policy & Discipline

Youth Policy Unit

Social Programs Unit

Center for Creative Industries


Directorate of Research & Innovative Activities

Unit of Research & Technical Information

Unit of Academic Personnel Training & Attestation

Unit of Fundraising & Research Analytics

Unit of Thematic Planning and Students' Research Work

Directorate for Major Educational Programs

PhD Courses Unit

Unit for Educational Process Organizational & Methodological Support

               Center of Education Quality Monitoring & Audit

               Digital Learning Centre

Unit of Educational Process Planning & Realization

                Sector of Educational Programs Accredetation and Licensing

Timetable Management Unit

Directorate for Information Policy & Public Relations

Unit of Multimedia & Open Education Support

Information Resources Editorial Board

               Unit of External Relations

Unit of University Services Promotion

Directorate for International Activity

International Cooperation & Recruiting Unit

Unit of Migrational & Visa Assistance

Preliminary Training Unit for Foreign Citizens

Center of Korean Language & Culture "King Sejong Institute"

Cross-Faculty Office for Student Support

Staff-Student Liaison Unit

                  Sector for Students' Mobility Record & Report

Scholarships & Social Welfare Unit

Unit of Students-Related Documentation

Directorate of Informatization & Digital Technologies

Unit of Automated Control Systems

Unit for Development of Financial & Personnel Information Systems

Unit for Financial & Personnel Information Systems Support

Unit of Hardware Maintenance

Unit of Internet Technologies

Unit of IT-Infrastructure Development 

Center "Open Data"

Directorate for Secondary & Continuing Professional Education

Unit of Advanced Training & Retraining

Directorate for Secondary Professional Education

Directorate of Strategic Development & Priority Programs Realization

Unit for Analytical Assistance to "Priority 2030" Program Realization

Strategic Projects Implementation Unit

Unit for Network Cooperation with Consortiums & Business Structures

Directorate of Finances & Accountancy

Unit of Planning & Analyzing Labor Remuneration, Scholarships, and Social Welfare

Unit of Paid Services

Unit of Financial Management 

Unit of Economic Planning

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