Astrakhan University Publishing House

The Astrakhan University Publishing House was established in 1991 on the base of the then Editorial Publishing Unit of Astrakhan State University.

Our current publishing activities include the following:

  • analysis of faculty staff’s and students’ need for pedagogical literature;
  • promotion of achievements of science, education, and culture;
  • assistance in introducing results of scientific researches and developments into practical activities performed by educational institutions;
  • preparation and publishing of our printed products as per the thematic plan, as well as in accordance with signed contracts;
  • advertising and sale of our printed products;
  • introduction of the most modern technologies and equipment into the editorial publishing process.

Our tasks include meeting internal needs of Astrakhan State University for literature of limited circulation, as well as our activities at the external market of books and journals. Russia is the main area of promoting our books. As for our scientific journals, they have subscribers in a number of foreign countries.

Our Publishing House specializes in producing scientific, academic, and reference literature in profile disciplines of our University: Philology, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Law, etc. Members of our faculty staff publish their papers actively in journals that we produce.

Our products are represented at professional publishing and educational exhibitions, including the Moscow International Book Fair and the International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction & Non-Fiction. Our printed products have been represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair, at the Salon du Livre in Paris, and at the Center of Russian Book in Leipzig. We regularly participate in various national fairs and exhibitions related to books and journals. We have taken part in the International Contest in Helsinki for the best university book within Europe’s single educational space. Our Publishing House has been awarded with a 3rd-degree diploma for its active participation in the Publishing Printing Association of Universities of Russia for its contribution to development of university publishing activities in our country.

The Astrakhan University Publishing House produces scientific journals that are of high demand in the Russian scientific community. Our journals “Humanitaria Studia”, “Natural Sciences”, “Caspian Region: Policy, Economy, Culture”, “Geography, Geology, & Global Energy”, and “Caspian Journal: Management & Hi-Tech” have been included by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation into the official list of scientific journals where anyone desiring to obtain a doctoral degree must publish the results of their doctoral thesis. Our periodical editions use a professional system of promotion that makes them available all over the country and outside it.

Our Publishing House has its own point of sale to market its printed editions, which operates to carry out agreements that we signed with a large number of Russia’s publishing houses.

Vassilyeva, Yulia Alexandrovna
PhD in Philology – Director

The Astrakhan University Publishing House includes four units:

Unit of Preprinting Processes

Manufacturing Unit

Planning & Distribution Unit

Production Promotion Center

Our Contacts

Official Address: 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia

Actual Address: 96 Sofyi Perovskoy Str., Astrakhan 414004 Russia

Phone/Fax: +7-8512-24-68-37; +7-8512-24-64-95.


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