Academic Process Management Directorate

Our main tasks are as follows:

  • Arrangement and administration of overall academic methodical activities at Astrakhan State University aimed to deliver main and additional educational programs in accordance with its state license to perform educational activities in the field of primary professional, secondary professional, and higher professional education;
  • Regulating methodical; support for the overall educational process at ASU;
  • Organizational methodic support and control of students’ dynamics, coordination of activities related to young specialists’ graduation and employment;
  • Organizational and technical assistance to introduction and application of modern teaching techniques during the educational process.

Our main functions are as follows:

  • Coordination of activities performed by Departments, Chairs, and other educational units of ASU that provide introduction and execution of State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education on the base of syllabi of specialties and specializations that are developed at ASU;
  • Keeping and systemization of guiding documents in educational methodical activities, arrangement of their studies at university units within the proper terms; preparation of local acts (projects of orders, instructions, directions, etc.) that regulate overall academic methodical activities at ASU on the base of regulating acts of higher organizations and legislation acts, as well as arrangement of their execution;
  • Arrangement of works to prepare and execute licensing and state accreditation of ASU and its educational programs;
  • Calculation of admission control figures jointly with the Unit of Economic Planning; calculation of the number of faculty staff members on the base of official criteria and norms;
  • Control of formation of educational process and individual plans schedules on the base of academic and research plans for particular specialties and specializations; control of their execution within the proper terms;
  • Keeping and distribution of the university auditorium stock to provide the educational process; control of composing timetables of classes and examination sessions;
  • Arrangement of activities performed by the commission for students’ social support; control of activities performed by departmental scholarship commissions; preparation of documents to distribute the scholarship fund; preparation of documents related to personal and state scholarships;
  • Coordination of activities performed by Departments and Chairs to arrange and execute students’ academic, practical, and pre-diploma trainings, as well as alumni’s employment; coordination of setup and maintenance of our database of enterprises and employers; interaction with employment agencies and bureaus;
  • Arrangement of activities performed by Departments to form State Certification Commissions; approval of their Chairpersons at federal authorities that regulate the sphere of education; analysis of obtained results and preparation of suggestions by analyzing work done by our State Certification Commissions;
  • Supervision of academic methodical activities and their control at Departments and Chairs; regulation of work to be done by the Academic Methodical Council of ASU;
  • Arrangement of current checkups of students’ knowledge by means of tests; administration of Internet examinations;
  • Analysis of volumes of academic and methodical literature available for the educational process; participation in composition of graphs of purchasing academic literature and schedules of publishing academic manuals and developments;
  • Obtaining of the main rates of academic and methodical activities of ASU in general and its educational units in particular; preparation of reports concerning the contingent of students; preparation of orders related to educational issues and to students; contingent;
  • Assistance to educational units in their development of materials related to new teaching techniques; analysis of efficiency of application particular teaching techniques in the educational process;
  • Preparation of events of academic and methodical character that concern the entire University;
  • Preparation and submission of information upon requests of legal authorities; informing Departments and other educational units of decisions made by higher institutions.
  • To execute the above functions, the Directorate is entitled to involve faculty staff members or other specialists in activities performed by commissions and workgroups that develop and tackle issues related to activities performed by the Directorate.
Stepkina, Tatyana Vassilyevna
PhD in Psychology – Chief of Directorate

The Directorate includes the following units:

Academic Unit

Center of Education Monitoring & Quality Audit

Unit of Educational Programs Planning & Realization

Unit of PhD & Master Courses

Organizational Methodical Unit

Unit of Academic Process Arrangement & Monitoring

Unit of Practical Training & State Certification

Address: Room #213, 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.
Phone: +7-8512-24-64-94, +7-8512-24-66-03.

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