List of Academic Disciplines Our Chair Delivers

Major Disciplines

  • Practice of French Oral & Written Speech
  • Linguistics
  • Practical Grammar of French
  • Practical Phonetics of French
  • Language & Cultures of French-Speaking Countries
  • History of French Language
  • Theoretical Phonetics of French
  • French Stylistics
  • Theory & Practice of Translation & Interpretation
  • Comparative Typology
  • Educational Systems of French-Speaking Countries

Optional Disciplines

  • Linguistics of French Texts
  • Stylistic Analysis of French Artistic Texts
  • Panting & Architecture of French-Speaking Countries
  • Psychological Aspects of Teaching French Language
  • French Language History Research Methods
  • Business French

Elective Disciplines

  • Extracurricular Activities in French Language Teaching
  • Sentence Parts & Their Determination Methods
  • Diachronic Researches of French Language
  • Fundamentals of Ethnic Linguistics
  • Issues of Word Formation in French Language

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Chair of Romanic Philology

List of Academic Disciplines Our Chair Delivers