Unit of Educational Programs Planning & Realization

Kolenkova, Natalya Yurievna
PhD in Psychology – Chief of Unit

Our main tasks are as follows:

  • Information and methodic support of development of educational programs; formation and supervision of unified requirements towards academic and methodical materials when projecting and realizing the main educational programs as per norms adopted at Astrakhan State University, licensing and accreditation rates;
  • Arrangement and documentation support of the procedure of licensing, accreditation, and certification of educational programs;
  • Planning, arrangement, and analysis of activities performed by various divisions of ASU to execute state educational standards and federal state educational standards concerning the main educational programs;
  • Planning and organization of the educational process during the delivery of educational programs.

Our main functions are as follows:

  • Development of the regulating legal base to project and deliver the main educational programs and organization of the educational process (instructions, requirements, etc.);
  • Development of keeping of the database “Passport of Educational Programs”, which includes the educational standard, the syllabus, the working educational plan, the main educational programs, working programs, academic methodical programs, etc);
  • Arrangement and information methodical support of actions to develop and deliver the main educational programs of higher professional education by Departments and Institutes (development of methodic instructions to compose and deliver syllabi and working educational plans as per requirements set by the Federal Standards); assistance in development of academic methodical documents (syllabi for the whole course of studies, individual educational plans, working programs of academic disciplines and modules, programs of practical training and research activities, calendar syllabi, academic methodical programs); informing educational units of innovations and changes related to delivery of educational programs, etc.;
  • Preparation of summary reports based on outcomes of delivering the main educational programs;
  • Preparation of analytical, reporting, information, reference, regulating, or other documents related to issues concerning the state and the contents of the educational process at ASU;
  • Coordination and control of activities performed by Institutes, Departments, and Chairs in licensing and accrediting the main educational programs that ASU delivers;
  • Development of preventive and correctional actions in the field of licensing and accreditation;
  • Control of composing and delivering syllabi of specialties and specializations;
  • Development of working educational plans of the base of syllabi;
  • Planning and calculation of educational workload for the whole academic year;
  • Agreement of educational workloads to be handled by Departments and Chairs as per educational and calendar plans and the calculated contingents of students;
  • Control of execution of educational workloads by faculty staff members;
  • Control of formation of schedules of the educational process and individual plans on the base of educational and working plans for particular specialties and specializations; control of their execution within the proper terms.
Address: Room #213, 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.
Phone: +7-8512-24-66-16.

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